Routine Quality Control checks on dairy production

Our flip-top containers are ideal for all common quality control requirements in food and dairy processing plants. Available in a variety of sizes, the hinged vials are well-suited for sampling of raw milk, cream, powders and solid forms, and can be fully integrated into standard dairy sampling procedures.

With our aseptic single-use vials and sampling solutions, we offer the highest level of performance, security and sustainability in the industry.

Exceeding expectations in dairy QC sampling

The combined economic and regulatory demands associated with QC testing encourage plants to increase automation while maintaining accuracy. Procedures vary from one food or dairy processing facility to another, but the need for maximum safety does not. Our aseptic, single-use hinged vials provides the highest levels of sampling safety.

Most dairy companies already adhere to the strictest ISO sampling standards, and are seeking efficient ways of exceeding  these standards. To this end, our range of vials supports the harmonization of Group procedures while maintaining financial targets.

Enhanced QC sampling

Our wide range of aseptic flip-top containers offers the opportunity to sample various types of liquids or solids at the processing facility (i.e. raw milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, meat and other foods).

Product features and benefits include:

  • One-handed opening and closing of the lid dramatically reduces the risk of human contact and carry-over contamination.
  • An assortment of colors is available to address all types of specific screening activities.
  • Containers can be easily stacked or written on for ease of storage and tracking.
  • A single pack dipper is also available as a sterile one-way sampling device.

To facilitate handling and storage, we offer a variety of flip-top vials in low- and high-pro design ranging from 75-120-240-330ml:

  • Low-pro vials are ideal for creams and solid shapes
  • High-pro vials are ideal for powder and liquid forms

We design and manufacture vials that not only meet or exceed the strictest performance and safety requirements, but also stay within budget. Increase the efficiency of your QC laboratory by using our single-use, aseptic, easy-to-use vials for all your sampling needs.

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