Efficient vial handling

The flip-top container design offers an opportunity to automate the laboratory to increase throughput and enhance overall performance.

Hinged vials, with automated lid opening and closing, are proven cost-effective solutions that reduce labor and minimize the use of expensive equipment.

Addressing laboratory performance expectations

Milk testing laboratories are constantly seeking modernization and increased expectations from all stakeholders – farmers, CO-OPS, and end users – have placed added pressure on labs to offer increased or streamlined services at reasonable costs.

For example, keeping routine or remedial work, a minimum helps reallocate manpower to more cost-effective efforts, boosting financial prospects for central testing laboratories.

Like many other industries, automatization is a key component to lowering costs unassociated with non-productive tasks, where no human-added value exists. On the production side, RFID-driven traceability is the most secure, flexible way to ensure output reliability and equipment optimization.

Vial and automation concepts from Aptar CSP are the most flexible, forward-thinking solutions in dairy laboratory automation, allowing for easy upgrades and reconfigurations as future market or regulatory requirements warrant.

Enhancing laboratory performance

Ideal for automated opening and closing, hinged vials allow varying levels of laboratory automation and phased integration and conversion. Furthermore, the flip-top concept ensures minimum human contact of samples during testing.

We offer a proven expertise to adapt on the Foss, Bentley and Delta analyzers. Also, our pioneering efforts in RFID management for milk samples have been made possible by our partner RAUDSZUS Electronics, whose exclusive expertise in laboratory automation can also benefit our customers.

Our concepts are sustainable and include onsite grinding and recycling solutions for waste plastic.

Increase your laboratory efficiency with flip-top containers for medium- to large-scale automation – reducing labor redundancies and errors significantly.

Recommended vial selection for laboratory automation

We offer practical solutions such as “milk collection kits,” as well as RFID options where vials are part of an integrated program including racks and transport boxes, serving to optimize logistics from farm to testing laboratory.

  • Hinged vials are perfect for the automation of opening and closing. We have a proven expertise to adapt on the Foss, Delta and Bentley analyzers.
  • Specific custom-made vials are jointly developed with the partner RAUDSZUS Electronics, with a specific know-how in laboratory integration. It fits the purpose and economic added value of complete systems.
  • View our Partner for automation > www.raudszus.de
  • View some examples > www.qlip.nl and www.susselab.ch
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