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Efficient Herd Recording and Health-Veterinary Testing

Whether in the stable or milking parlor, vials from Aptar CSP Technologies meet all necessary equipment requirements for dairy customers.

From manual Herd Recording Devices to fully automated milking robots, our vials allow for guaranteed sterile conditions, ensuring sample integrity and improved traceability.

In the stable, our aim is to provide the highest quality single-use containers, capable of performing exceptionally well on equipment with varying levels of automatization.

Meeting the farmer’s safety expectations

Our flip-top vials facilitate sampling for ever-growing dairy herds, improving traceability and identification to promote efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Testing performance is enhanced through the use of our aseptic containers, which can be used for a wide range of individual cow, sheep and goat milk analyses. Even the latest bacteriological and genetics tests can be securely performed with our aseptic, flip-top containers, whose exclusive, easy-to-use lids eliminate the risk of carry-over contaminants or, of course, any chance of misplacing the lids themselves. The vial performs well with the most recent sample-taking devices, such as TRU TEST, LACTOCORDER, where the permanently attached RFID tags are convenient to use.

Aseptic vials are also highly recommended for precision quality testing of possible contaminants such as antibiotics, somatic cells, salmonella etc., – and, most importantly, to search for diseases like mastitis.

Helping the farmer in his daily operations

Benefits of Aptar CSP Technologies’ aseptic hinged vials include:

  • One-handed opening/closing for ease-of- use and safety
  • 100% compatibility on all sampling devices at farm
  • Can be used, via optional RFID component, to securely trace each individual milk sample

Ideal vial selection for individual cow sampling

Guarantee unrivaled convenience while maintaining the strictest protocols in all environments of sampling with our flip-top vials.

Product features and benefits include:

  • User-friendly hinged design for single-handed operation
  • Allows use of gloves
  • Compatible with all typical milking parlor recorder samplers

Aptar CSP Technologies offers a wide range of “solid top” containers for volumes of 12, 31, 35 and 50 ml, and two-ounce containers per the worldwide sampling standard. We also offer specific designs for EMM TRU TEST and LACTOCORDER.

View the Specific Products for Individual Cow Sampling