Payment sampling and traceability

Aptar CSP Technologies’ flip top vials meet all truck metering systems requirements for at-the-farm manual or automatic sampling of bulk milk collection. With our RFID monitoring options, we can ensure the traceability of the entire bulk milk supply chain.

Securely link the sample to the supplier with a uniquely identified vial.

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Meeting efficiency expectations

At Aptar CSP Technologies, our goal is to provide the most representative and optimal milk sampling conditions for both farmers and dairy businesses.

Most milk collection trucks are equipped with an automatic needle sampling system, however reducing the risk of contact contamination can only be achieved through the use of our hinged vials. Our design offers the highest confidence in sampling precision especially when on-site opening and closing of the vial is required.

Our aseptic vials are highly recommended for the safe testing of possible contaminants (antibiotics, somatic cells, salmonella, etc.) and diseases.
Additionally, with our RFID solutions we can securely link a vial to the exact supplier and barcodes. This has not always been easy to achieve, particularly when multiple dairies collect milk from the same farm.

Maintain the strictest sampling conditions with Aptar CSP’s highest quality sampling containers.

Facilitating labor and accuracy

Our range of aseptic, single-use Smart Vial containers offers an alternative to sampling systems that use a needle to punch a reusable vial. Our other septum vials can be used worldwide on sampling units with 2 or 3 needles, which are used in the U.K., Ireland, France and Italy.

Embedded optional RFID solutions can monitor the complete sampling logistics and securely link all sampling information to the uniquely identified vials.

Increase efficiency with our single-use, aseptic and pierceable vials designed to fit on any automatic milk collection sampler. Extend the full benefit of the vials with the implantation of our RFID traceability solutions.

Preferred vials for individual cow sampling

Aptar CSP Technologies offers the highest level of performance, security and sustainability in the industry. Our vials are single-use and ensure secured performance throughout the entire milk-chain.

We offer a wide range of pierceable vials for automatic needle sampling and solid top-hinged vials that can be opened with one hand and are ideal for a variety of systems:

  • Typical automatic systems use needles to punch reusable vials. Our aseptic and single-use Smart Vials can be used on these systems and offer a more secure and sterile alternative to sampling.
  • We have other septum vials alternatives that can be used worldwide on 2-or 3-needle automatic sampling units used in the U.K., Ireland, France and Italy.
  • Optional RFID solutions are also available. View PDF for more details: 85ml RFID Tag Solid-Top Vial 718 Data Sheet.
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