Aptar CSP Technologies Inc. began manufacturing disposable, flip-top sampling vials for laboratory testing in the 1980s. Since 2000, we’ve been producing a complete line of Aptar CSP DairyTM flip-top vials for the global dairy industry.

Today, our focus continues to be on sustainable transport vials that are aseptic, airtight, easy to open and close – and, most importantly, leak-proof.

We work with customers to deliver comprehensive solutions, producing vials ready for fully integration into our customers’ dairy laboratory operations. In doing so, we offer the latest RFID technology to provide 100% sample tracking and integrity.

Committed to our customers’ success, we offer a wide range of products and services for dairy sampling around the world.

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Culture & Mission

  • At Aptar CSP, we remain committed to being a full-service dairy solution provider for the customer-engineered milk sampling market. We apply our manufacturing expertise not only to developing airtight, leak-proof and aseptic containers, but also to providing all necessary automation equipment to fully utilize our unique flip-top concepts.
  • Wholly customer-centric, we tailor our product development programs based on specific client needs.
  • We collaborate closely with customers throughout the entire product development cycle, to ensure every aspect of demanding sampling processes are addressed. We pride ourselves on partnership from initial vial development to the installation of specialized equipment.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility is located in France, close to the Swiss and German borders, which makes us ideally located to provide logistics support and service to our customers in the fields of dairy sampling, vials, medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging throughout Europe.
  • Quality Assurance is an integral part of our philosophy, which is why we have been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. We maintain the highest quality standards through design, stability, validation and commercial supply of our custom engineered products.

Areas of Expertise

Core Competence in Dairy

Thanks to our exclusive, patented injection molding processes, Aptar CSP Technologies has made continued technical developments in the production of dairy industry containers. Our one-piece flip-top containers are molded through a unique patented process that allows the molded vial to be closed while still in the mold. This provides a pair of key benefits:

  • Seal Integrity — The seal between the top and the body is formed while the plastic is cooling, creating a seal that is moisture tight, even with repeated openings and closings.
  • Aseptic Processing — The vial is closed while it is still in the mold, free from any contamination.

Dairy Sampling

Aptar CSP Technologies has 45 years of experience in sampling, and we offer a wide
range of dairy sampling vials. Since our vial is leak-proof and aseptic; it has become the “gold
standard” for quality and payment testing of milk.

Laboratory Integration

With over 15 years of expertise, our in-house engineers are readily available to assist with installations. Our company has developed new technologies with many of the finest milk testing laboratories in Europe and the US, and has established partnerships with leading dairy industry players.

Our laboratory integration expertise includes RFID data management and automation concepts designed to optimize the use of our specific flip-top hinged containers. Vials are automatically presented to the milk analyzer through fully automatic conveyors for efficient transfers. This conveyor system can be adapted for Foss, Delta and Bentley Instruments.

To optimize analyzer throughput, vials are automatically sent to the appropriate tests, and the system is totally flexible until the final analysis is performed.

With the help of RFID Tags, the host computer assesses pre-programmed tests and monitors changes. This RFID technology offers key benefits in the Automated Laboratory:

  • Preservation of data integrity, since all relevant data is kept with the sample
  • Automatic routing of samples through laboratory equipment
  • Milk source tracking to eliminate errors